The Life of an Attention Whore

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Friday Night at Geneseo

8:00 pm
Sitting around the suite, I made a coke and vodka with 2 shots of Mexican's raspberry vodka. Started casually drinking. Bear in mind that despite being an alcoholic my tolerance is remarkably low.

8:30 pm
Finished my drink, felt a little tipsy and started getting ready to go out but had no particular destination in mind.

Southerner calls me from Manwhore's phone and tells me that if I'm not doing anything I should come by the ZBXi house since they have $200 worth of liquor. I think about my plans of drinking in my suite, weigh my options, and agree to come to the house.

Feeling good and anticipating a wholey drunken night. Tell Crakey to be ready to carry me home puking cuz that's where I want to be tonight, plus I'm an alcoholic.

Make another drink of 2 parts vodka 2 parts coke. I'm trying not to take too much of Mexican's alcohol since there's going to be a lot at the ZBXi house.

Boobs, Pot's friend comes over to go out with us. We go into Pot's room and smoke some. I take a few hits then go back to my room to get ready to go out.

Back in Pot's room smoking again. Manwhore calls to make sure we're still coming.

Still getting ready...Pot, Mexican, and Boobs leave.

Chug the remainder of my drink. Cracky and I leave. It's only 10:20 and I already have 3 substances in me, 4 if you count caffene, and I'm pretty fucked up.

Get to the ZBXi house. Start play flip cup with punch. Realize I haven't eaten much today. Steve decides I am a pokemon and says "I choose you Risachu"

I make Pot smoke me because I'm nauseaus and need to calm my stomach. Damn my anorexia.

Sometime before midnight
Continuously taking in substances and about 3-4 drinks. Albino hits on Crackey. Uses pick up line "I swear I know you from somewhere...let's go talk somewhere private so I can finger out i mean figure out from where." Cracky calls D00sh. I follow her and am followed by construction workers with ear goiters and lack of fashion sense. Since when did Armani Exchange make spandex underarmour?

Sometime after midnight
Stumbling around. Crackey gets picked up by Steve Austin/Neo-nazi/Giant combination. Literally picked up and thrown over his shoulder Neandrathal style. I wonder if he drags girls by their hair and hits them with rocks before having sex with them? Manwhore tells me to come sit on his lap. Mexican is next to me sitting on Crackey's lap making out with Zippers. I wish I had my camera.Every one gets up and shuffles around, Russian and Boobs are missing. Zach gets the idea to stick the camera through the hole in the top of the door to see what's going on in Southerner's room. Russian and Boobs are there making out while the entire party stands outside watching the live video feed and bangs on the door. Both come out embarassed. How do you not notice a camera and 15 people banging on the door?

Some time after 1
Walk to the meadows with Manwhore and Cracky. Go to 11-2 and Crackey gets into a fight with 380. Albino calls Crackey and invites her over to bask in his lack of pigment. I acquaint myself with the keg and incredible hulks (hypnotiq and hennesy).I start talking to Jadakiss and friend. Jadakiss keeps telling his friend to check out Pot's boobs. Pot is wearing a skin tight red corset. Mexican has been poking her boobs all night. Jadakiss asks me if my boyfriend lives at this house.
Me: I wasn't aware I have a boyfriend.
Jadakiss: just asking
Me: I have terrible luck with guys Jadakiss: what kind of guy are you looking for?
Someone else asks him a question, I see an opportunity to escape to Bubbles' room. Bubbles is watching basketball with Crackey. I tell him it's a rerun. Then ask what teams are playing.Crackey gives me her phone and I call SilkyJohnson and ask him to bring us pizza but to call back on Crackey's phone, no matter how late. I go back downstairs and rip a bong with Pot.

Sometime after 2
Pot and I leave. I see Luci walking home and flip him off. To his back of course. Come back to my room, eat meat pulp so I won't puke in the morning. Realize meat pulp is gross and is probably going to make me puke anyway. Realize substances are catching up with me and take half a bottle of advil to try and knock myself out.

8:30 am
Wake up half naked in my bed with hate messages and phone reminders written on my arm in eyeliner.

Crackey comes home and asks me why SilkyJohnson called her at 5am. I shrug and put on Requiem for a Dream to remind myself that drugs are bad.


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