The Life of an Attention Whore

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Greek Dictionary


Rushee: one who is planning on joining a Greek organization

Sorority: an group of girls assembled for the purpose of consuming alcoholic beverages and for companionship when dressing slutty for themed parties.

Fraternity: "frat"; a group of guys who get together to drink and show off their masculinity.

Sister: a member of a sorority; prone to hooking up with frat boys; see "slut"

Brother: a member of a fraternity; prone to hooking up with sorority sisters, or anyone with something remotely resembling a vagina; see "dirty shameless players"

Dirty Rush: a party thrown by a frat/sorority which is attended by people wishing to join that organization. This gives rushees a chance to impress the brothers/sisters with their drinking skills, and allows the brother/sisters to seduce the rushees with alcohol, showing them that they are the most fun to drink with.

Thursday night ZBXi held their Dirty Rush party and it was the usual smorgasboard of drunkness with drinks ranging from beers for the "macho" guys and punch in order to get the girls drunk and hopefully naked. After all what says "we're cool to party with" better than naked girls?

Most of the other frats had hired strippers, but ZBXi had other ideas. Their plan was simpler, cheaper, and less likely to send you home at the end of the night to jerk off. (Which for the record we heard our neighbor doing after he got back from another frat) Rather than hire women to give you blue balls, they had done the cost efficient thing...invite college sluts to the party. These girls were real, plentiful and you had much better chance of going home with one at the end of the night. I wish I could say there were only a few girls there to fill this quota but almost any girl there would've made Lil Kim look good.

One girl looked like her shirt went through a paper shredder. She had an expression on that screamed "Yes I'll go back to your trailer and suck your dick for crack! How kind of you for inviting me!". Another girl had a shirt cut so low you might as well have been looking at her cooter. Face sucking and genital groping were everywhere. Their pimps would've been proud.

Two of the creme of the crop were commanding the attention of the room and you can bet it wasn't due to their dazzling intellect. One of the girls was wearing a see through white tank top pushed down to her waist and was proudly displaying her new nipple piercings. Guys were coming up to her and signing her chest. She proudly boasted "ZBXi was here" above, below, and around her nipples. But I will give her credit where credit is due, and she neither ugly nor fat.

Her friend looked like the result of Miss Saigon meets heroin chic. She did have her shirt on, but compensated for that by having her pants off. This one obviously went out with the intention of being a drunken whore, and had prepared by wearing a connect the dot thong, complete with matching marker. Needless to say people had connected her dots, and she too had writing across her stomach and advertised ZBXi across her chest.

After that I kind of blacked out although I do recall those girls going into a room with 3 guys and closing the door. I'm not sure what happened but you can probably speculate. And unfortunately I still haven't gotten that marker off my stomach and chest.


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